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“A Failed Georgic” by Jenna Le

By On April 8, 2020

Jenna Le is the author of A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora (Indolent Books, 2018), which won 2nd Place in the Elgin Awards. and Six Rivers (NYQ Books, 2011). She was… Read More

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“Simile Illogic” by Jesse Waters

By On April 7, 2020

A winner of the River Styx International Poetry Contest, runner-up for the Iowa Review Fiction Prize and Finalist in The Starcherone Prize, the DIAGRAM Innovative Fiction Prize and the Paul Bowles Fiction… Read More

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“Snout to Tail” by Robert Donohue

By On April 1, 2020

Robert Donohue's poetry has appeared in Measure, The Raintown Review and Better Than Starbucks, among others, The Red Harlem Readers gave his verse play, In One Piece (about Vincent Van Gogh),… Read More

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“Achilles Recounts the Sacrifice of Iphigenia” by Louisa Schnaithmann

By On March 25, 2020

Louisa Schnaithmann is a poet living in the greater Philadelphia area. Her work has been published in Menacing Hedge, Projector Magazine, Rogue Agent, and Voicemail Poems. Her poem “On the Problem of… Read More

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“Fixing Broken Things” by Lynn Levin

By On March 24, 2020

Lynn Levin's most recent poetry collection, The Minor Virtues, is listed as one of Spring 2020’s best books by The Philadelphia Inquirer. Her previous collections include Miss Plastique, Fair Creatures of… Read More

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“New Year Poem” by Philip Larkin

By On December 31, 2019

"A poetry from which even people who distrust poetry, most people, can take comfort and delight." - X.J. Kennedy … Read More

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“Desk Clerk” by R.S. Gwynn

By On December 24, 2019

R.S. (Sam) Gwynn did his undergraduate work at Davidson College. He earned an M.A. and an M.F.A. from the University of Arkansas and taught at Lamar University, where he was University Professor… Read More

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“The Christmas Tree” by C. Day Lewis

By On December 22, 2019

C. Day Lewis , born in Ireland in 1904, was Poet Laureate from 1968 until his death in May 1972. He published many volumes of poetry, as well as essays, critical studies,… Read More

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“Office Party” by Phyllis McGinley

By On December 21, 2019

Phyllis McGinley was famous for her light verse and celebration of Suburban, middle class America. She published several books of poetry, including On the Contrary (1934), One More Manhattan (1937), Husbands Are… Read More

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“Sentenced to Life” by Clive James

By On November 28, 2019

The Austrailian poet, critic, and broadcaster Clive James died on Sunday after a long battle with leukaemia. Diagnosed with the terminal illness in 2010, he wrote some of his most acclaimed… Read More

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“One Day is there of the Series” by Emily Dickinson

By On November 28, 2019

Emily Dickinson, one of the greatest and most distinctive America poets, was born in Amherst, Massachusetts and spent most of her life living there in isolation in her family home. Though… Read More

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“Definition of ‘Fool'” by Marly Youmans

By On November 27, 2019

Marly Youmans is the author of fifteen books, including this year’s The Book of the Red King— a poetry collection from Phoenicia Publishing, in which “Definition of Fool” appears— and the forthcoming… Read More

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“They Call Me Kaiju” and “Dark Matter” by Jesse Waters

By On November 14, 2019

Jesse Waters is currently Director of both the Bowers Writers House at Elizabethtown College and the West Chester University Poetry Center. His first collection of poems, Human Resources, was published by… Read More

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“The Metamorphoses of a Vampire” by Charles Baudelaire (Trans. by Donald Justice)

By On October 31, 2019

Charles Baudelaire was one of the most influential of all French poets and is best known for his notorious collection Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil). He is sometimes called… Read More

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“A Vampire in the Age of AIDS” by Frederick Seidel

By On October 28, 2019

"The most frightening American poet ever— phallus-man, hangman of political barbarism— Seidel is the poet the twentieth century deserved." - Calvin Bedient, The Boston Review… Read More

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“Halloween” by Chad Abushanab

By On October 18, 2019

Chad Abushanab is the author of The Last Visit (Autumn House Press 2019), which won the Donald Justice Poetry Prize. He is a PhD candidate in Literature and Creative Writing at Texas… Read More

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“Sometimes the Corner Is the Best Place to Be” by Philip Dykhouse

By On October 7, 2019

Philip Dykhouse is the author of the forthcoming chapbook Bury Me Here (Toho Publishing 2020). His work has appeared in Spiral Poetry, The Toho Journal, and The Moonstone Press. He was… Read More

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“Deipnosophistae” by Jenna Le

By On October 2, 2019

Jenna Le is the author of A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora (Indolent Books, 2018), which won 2nd Place in the Elgin Awards. and Six Rivers (NYQ Books, 2011). She was… Read More

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“Mill-Doors” by Carl Sandburg

By On September 2, 2019

Carl Sandburg was one of America's most beloved poets during the first half of the twentieth century and was also known as biographer of Abraham Lincoln, children's author, folksinger, journalist, and editor.… Read More

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“The River Stone” by Susan de Sola

By On August 26, 2019

Susan de Sola’s poems have appeared in many venues, such as the Hudson Review and PN Review, and in anthologies, including The Best American Poetry 2018. She is a winner of the… Read More

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“Goldfish” by J.D. Smith

By On August 1, 2019

J.D. Smith's fourth collection of poetry, The Killing Tree, was published in 2016. His other books include the essay collection Dowsing and Science (2011) and the children's picture book The Best… Read More

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“The Battle of COVFEFE Hill” by James Feichthaler

By On July 15, 2019

James Feichthaler's poetry has appeared in print and online journals in both the US and UK, many of his works being burned by The COVFEFE during the recent Area 51 raid. He… Read More

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“Among Women” by Marie Ponsot

By On July 7, 2019

Marie Ponsot, who passed away yesterday at the age of 98, was the author of seven collections of poetry, including The Bird Catcher (Knopf, 1998), winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award… Read More

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“Empire Builders” by Archibald MacLeish

By On July 4, 2019

Archibald MacLeish was an American poet, journalist, public servant, and professor. He attended Yale University and enlisted for action in World War I. MacLeish later attended Harvard Law School and practiced law… Read More

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“Perhaps the World Ends Here” by Joy Harjo

By On June 19, 2019

The Library of Congress announced that poet and musician Joy Harjo will succeed Tracy K. Smith as the 23rd U.S. poet laureate. A member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Harjo is… Read More

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“Hard-Shell Clams” by Marie Ponsot

By On June 16, 2019

"We read such poets because we want to know how a poetic intelligence inhabits the world—or invents it." — William Logan… Read More

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Orson Welles Reads “Song of Myself VI” by Walt Whitman

By On May 31, 2019

In 1953, Orson Welles, the legendary American actor, director, writer, and producer, recorded Walt Whitman's poem "Song of Myself" for BBC radio. His performance was later released on LP. You can listen… Read More

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“The Chain” by David Yezzi

By On May 28, 2019

David Yezzi is the keynote reader of this year's West Chester University Poetry Conference. He will be reading in Sykes Auditorium in West Chester on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 8… Read More

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“piano after war” by Gwendolyn Brooks

By On May 27, 2019

Gwendolyn Brooks is one of the most beloved and acclaimed American poets of the 20th Century. She was the first black poet to win the Pulitzer Prize, which she received for her collection… Read More

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“Marginalia” by Katherine Barrett Swett

By On May 20, 2019

A high school English teacher, Katherine Barrett Swett lives in New York City. She received a PhD in American Literature from Columbia University. Her chapbook, Twenty-one was published by Finishing Line… Read More