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E-Verse Universe

“Halloween Pants” by Laura Spagnoli

By On October 20, 2019

Laura Spagnoli is the author of the chapbook My Dazzledent Days (ixnay press). Her poems have appeared in various places, including Jupiter 88, ONandOnScreen, and Apiary, and her story “A Cut Above”… Read More

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“Halloween” by Chad Abushanab

By On October 18, 2019

Chad Abushanab is the author of The Last Visit (Autumn House Press 2019), which won the Donald Justice Poetry Prize. He is a PhD candidate in Literature and Creative Writing at Texas… Read More


“44°41’00.3” N, 68°36’20.3” W” by Summer J. Hart

By On October 11, 2019

Summer J. Hart is an interdisciplinary artist from Maine, living in the Hudson Valley, New York. Her written and visual narratives are influenced by folklore, superstition, divination, and forgotten territories reclaimed by… Read More

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“Café Kabul” by Christopher Bernard

By On October 10, 2019

Christopher Bernard has published two collections of poetry, The Rose Shipwreck: Poems and Photographs and Chien Lunatique, with a third one coming in 2020: The Socialist's Garden of Verses. His novels include… Read More

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“Sometimes the Corner Is the Best Place to Be” by Philip Dykhouse

By On October 7, 2019

Philip Dykhouse is the author of the forthcoming chapbook Bury Me Here (Toho Publishing 2020). His work has appeared in Spiral Poetry, The Toho Journal, and The Moonstone Press. He was… Read More

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“Deipnosophistae” by Jenna Le

By On October 2, 2019

Jenna Le is the author of A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora (Indolent Books, 2018), which won 2nd Place in the Elgin Awards. and Six Rivers (NYQ Books, 2011). She was… Read More


“Hilbert’s Poems are Thick with Frameworks, References, and Dense Barbed Lines Which Demand Rereading”: Last One Out Reviewed in Literary Matters

By On September 30, 2019

"Ernest Hilbert has an enviable ability to speak about contemporary America as if his words were washed in the blood of Achaean soldiers. Hilbert, speaking to the violence underlying human nature, sees… Read More


“Frankenstein’s Monster” by James Arthur

By On September 19, 2019

James Arthur was born in Connecticut and grew up in Canada. He is the author of the poetry collection The Suicide's Son (Véhicule Press 2019) and Charms Against Lightning (Copper Canyon Press… Read More


“Drink, Ye Harpooneers!” Ernest Hilbert Rows in the Whaleboat for Team Rosenbach in the Walnut2Walnut Challenge

By On September 18, 2019

"Drink, ye harpooneers! drink and swear, ye men that man the deathful whaleboat’s bow !" - Moby-Dick, chapter 36, "The Quarter-Deck"… Read More


Ernest Hilbert Reads from Last One Out at the Melvin Peterson Gallery

By On September 18, 2019

I'll be shipping out to Indiana to read from my latest book at the University of Evansville. I'll be at the Melvin Peterson Gallery at 4PM, Thursday, September 19th. If you're in… Read More

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“The Current Poor” by Jim Harrison

By On September 12, 2019

The rich are giving the poor bright-colored balloons, a dollar a gross, also bandages, and leftover Mercurochrome from the fifties. It is an autumn equinox and full moon present, an event when… Read More

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“Gimpel the Adjunct” by Ned Balbo

By On September 10, 2019

Ned Balbo is the author of The Trials of Edgar Poe and Other Poems (awarded the Poets’ Prize and the Donald Justice Prize), Lives of the Sleepers (Ernest Sandeen Prize and ForeWord… Read More

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“Drydock” by Jan Schreiber

By On September 4, 2019

Jan Schreiber was Poet Laureate of Brookline, Massachusetts from 2015 to 2017. His books include Digressions (1970), Wily Apparitions (1992), Bell Buoys (1998), and Peccadilloes (2014), as well as two books of… Read More

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“Mill-Doors” by Carl Sandburg

By On September 2, 2019

Carl Sandburg was one of America's most beloved poets during the first half of the twentieth century and was also known as biographer of Abraham Lincoln, children's author, folksinger, journalist, and editor.… Read More

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“The River Stone” by Susan de Sola

By On August 26, 2019

Susan de Sola’s poems have appeared in many venues, such as the Hudson Review and PN Review, and in anthologies, including The Best American Poetry 2018. She is a winner of the… Read More

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“OKAY, CUPID” by Spencer Short

By On August 20, 2019

Spencer Short is the author of Tremolo, a winner of the National Poetry Series Open Competition, published by Harper Perennial in 2001. A graduate of the Writers' Workshop at Iowa and the… Read More


Check Out “Suffragette City 100” Celebrating (Almost) 100 Years of the 19th Amendment

By On August 19, 2019

E-Verse contributor Cynthia Barbedette has been lately with her own site, Suffragette City 100.… Read More

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“Ice Cream Trip” by Bernadette McBride

By On August 7, 2019

Bernadette McBride, author of four poetry collections, most recently, Everything Counts (Aldrich Press/Kelsay Books 2019), is poetry editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal. A three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Pennsylvania county Poet Laureate,… Read More

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“Goldfish” by J.D. Smith

By On August 1, 2019

J.D. Smith's fourth collection of poetry, The Killing Tree, was published in 2016. His other books include the essay collection Dowsing and Science (2011) and the children's picture book The Best… Read More


“American Glass” by Ernest Hilbert in Parnassus: Poetry in Review

By On July 24, 2019

My poem "American Glass" appears in the final issue of the venerable journal Parnassus: Poetry in Review, in continuous publication since the early 1970s. T… Read More

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“Greed” by Jim Harrison

By On July 18, 2019

"Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy . . . or they become legend." - Jim Harrison… Read More

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“The Battle of COVFEFE Hill” by James Feichthaler

By On July 15, 2019

James Feichthaler's poetry has appeared in print and online journals in both the US and UK, many of his works being burned by The COVFEFE during the recent Area 51 raid. He… Read More

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“Among Women” by Marie Ponsot

By On July 7, 2019

Marie Ponsot, who passed away yesterday at the age of 98, was the author of seven collections of poetry, including The Bird Catcher (Knopf, 1998), winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award… Read More

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“Empire Builders” by Archibald MacLeish

By On July 4, 2019

Archibald MacLeish was an American poet, journalist, public servant, and professor. He attended Yale University and enlisted for action in World War I. MacLeish later attended Harvard Law School and practiced law… Read More


Ernest Hilbert’s “Great Bay Estuary” in The Hopkins Review

By On July 3, 2019

Ernest Hilbert is the author of Sixty Sonnets, All of You on the Good Earth, and Caligulan, which was selected as winner of the 2017 Poets’ Prize. His fourth collection, Last One… Read More


Ernest Hilbert Reads “My Father’s Dante” at Dead Bards

By On June 27, 2019

Ernest Hilbert is the author of Sixty Sonnets, All of You on the Good Earth, and Caligulan, which was selected as winner of the 2017 Poets’ Prize. His fourth collection, Last One… Read More

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“Menagerie” by Robert Griffith

By On June 24, 2019

Rob Griffith’s latest book is The Devil in the Milk (Kelsay Books, 2017), and his previous book, The Moon from Every Window (David Robert Books, 2011), was nominated for the 2013 Poets’… Read More

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“Perhaps the World Ends Here” by Joy Harjo

By On June 19, 2019

The Library of Congress announced that poet and musician Joy Harjo will succeed Tracy K. Smith as the 23rd U.S. poet laureate. A member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Harjo is… Read More


“Medusa” by Patricia Smith

By On June 17, 2019

Patricia Smith is the author of eight books of poetry, including Incendiary Art, winner of the 2018 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award, the 2017 Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the 2018 NAACP… Read More

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“Hard-Shell Clams” by Marie Ponsot

By On June 16, 2019

"We read such poets because we want to know how a poetic intelligence inhabits the world—or invents it." — William Logan… Read More