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Top Five Anti-Christmas Christmas Songs

By On December 4, 2016

Christmas has more songs than any other holiday, maybe all the others combined. That means it also has the most songs written against it. Let's have a listen. … Read More

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Top Five Laws Developed from Internet Discussion

By On August 7, 2016

1. Godwin’s Law, (related to reductio ad hitlerum): As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one. (with the corollary that the first person… Read More


Bethany’s Top Five Versions of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

By On December 24, 2015

We don't know if anyone still does a full twelve days of Christmas, but here are our top five versions of the song. … Read More

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Top Five Fun Facts About North Korea

By On December 19, 2014

  5. Everyone is subject to daily “self-criticism” sessions in which they must describe all of the ways that they have failed in their duty to Kim Jong-Il   4. Kim Il-Sung… Read More

Top Five

Top Economic Terms that Could Be Horror Movies

By On March 20, 2013

Bethany writes: OK, we all know that the economy is a nightmare right now. But has anyone else noticed that a lot of the economic terms people throw around sound like actual… Read More


Top Five Ways Ayn Rand’s Influence Continues Today

By On August 17, 2012

Ayn Rand has been dead for 30 years, but her influence continues to grow. Here are five of the most notable ways her ideas continue to influence the modern world.… Read More


Top Five Silliest Military Dress Uniforms

By On October 3, 2011

Bethany says: "There's enough ridicule to go around, so please don't be offended if I single your own nation's uniform out for its sartorial flights of fancy."… Read More


“Don’t Stop Believing”: Top Five Band Video Games

By On September 30, 2011

Two one-time scourges of the civilized world, video games and rock music, sometimes come together and threaten to corrupt the youth of America. Here are some bands that had the audacity (or… Read More


“OK, Kid, I’ve Got Ten Seconds to Spare: What’s Your Movie Idea and What’s it Called? Go!”: Top Five Movie Titles that Basically Explain the Plot

By On September 26, 2011

Movie titles are getting dumber. Or so it seems. They've basically become short-hand for the actual plot, or at least substance, barring the presence of a plot, as we so often find.… Read More


Bosses Beware! Top Five Amusing, Time-wasting Websites

By On September 23, 2011

Get ready to waste some time . . . … Read More


Top Five Sexiest Bald Men

By On September 16, 2011

Forget Hair Club for Men. Bethany rolls out the sexiest bald men. … Read More


“The Highway’s Jammed with Broken Heroes!”: Top Five “New Jersey” Songs

By On September 13, 2011

Not songs about New Jersey, per se, but songs that conjure life and times in New Jersey, high, low, good, bad. … Read More


Top Five Defaced Statues of Deposed Dictators

By On September 9, 2011

As long as there have been dictators, there have been ugly statues they've commissioned to show people how awesome they are ("Ozymandias" anyone?). Seems a little silly, until you see the enthusiasm… Read More


“I Saw the Spiders Marching through the Air”: Top Five Spider Poems

By On September 8, 2011

They creep, they crawl, they net pests, they send a shiver down the spine if they get too big, but we find them endlessly fascinating. Let's have a look at some spider… Read More


Top Five Na Na Na Sing-Along Songs

By On September 6, 2011

You know them, those songs that hit a big chorus or coda with no words, and everyone in the room, drawn irresistably, begins singing along, na na na-na na, or lalala, lala,… Read More


Top Five People You Don’t Think of As Being Younger than Betty White

By On September 2, 2011

We all know Betty White is really old (89! She was born January 17, 1922) yet amazingly energetic and quick witted. But her toughness and health become even more impressive when compared… Read More


“Finally . . .”: Top Five Movie Sequels and Prequels that Appeared Long after Their Predecessors

By On August 23, 2011

Who knows why they wait so long. Maybe the stars or creators need some money. Maybe it’s just another mid-life crisis. Maybe everyone was bored and decided to bring a series back… Read More


Top Five Lines by Charlton Heston

By On August 10, 2011

The new Planet of the Apes prequel is in theaters, so in its honor, here are the top five Charlton Heston lines. There are movies out there that would have been completely… Read More


Top Five Wizard of Oz Pastiches

By On August 8, 2011

First there was The Wizard of Oz (1900), a simple fantasy of a little girl who finds a magical world, much as Alice did, except this one has a distinctly American slant.… Read More


Top Five “There Can Be Only One” Tales

By On August 3, 2011

Because, after all, there can be only one . . . . … Read More


Top Five Daily Show Gotcha Videos of Fox News

By On July 31, 2011

The Daily Show specializes in calling out reporters and politicians when they're lying, or playing clips that show people contradicting themselves or being hypocritical.They've done it a lot; here are five of… Read More


Top Five Cowboys and Aliens!

By On July 27, 2011

The blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens, starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, is premiering at Comicon and then in general release this coming weekend. But if you can't wait . . . or if… Read More


Top Five Awesome Betty White Videos

By On July 26, 2011

She's only gotten better with age.… Read More


Top Five More People Born on the Same Day

By On July 24, 2011

Bethany is back with more famous people who share birthdays. … Read More


Top Five Older Men who Got Engaged to or Married Teenaged Girls

By On July 20, 2011

In the wake of the controversy surrounding the marriage of 51-year-old "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison to 16-year-old Courtney Alexis Stodden, let's take a look at some other older men who got engaged… Read More


“She breathed on me! A dead person breathed on me!”: Top Five Conventions of the Road Movie

By On July 13, 2011

We’ve all seen road movies, Thelma and Louise; Thunderbolt and Lightfoot; Little Miss Sunshine; Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; National Lampoon’s Vacation… or even Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder’s buddy road movie, The… Read More


Top Five Fictional Works in Which a White Person Relates the Experience of Blacks

By On July 11, 2011

Bethany takes on another controversial topic. … Read More


Top Five TV Shows that had Major Actors Die During the Show

By On July 8, 2011

Hey, where's coach?… Read More


“I Just Stole Fifty Cars in One Night! . . . and I Think I Deserve a Little Appreciation!”: Top Five Nicolas Cage Movies Centered on Driving

By On July 7, 2011

There are twp things Nicolas Cage (or his agent) likes: driving fast and tangling with supernatural forces. Most of his films seem to fit into those categories. Here are his top five… Read More


Top Five Movie Posters in “This” Style

By On July 2, 2011

Is it really that hard to come up with a movie poster? Yes, if you want to break new ground and really astound potential movie-goers. If not, it's easy to just grab… Read More