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“Remains” by Susan Delaney Spear

By On August 8, 2022

Susan Delaney Spear is an associate professor of English at Colorado Christian University. She is the author of On Earth... (Resource, 2022), Beyond All Bearing (Resource, 2018) and the co-author of Learning… Read More

E-Verse Universe

Three Poems by Susan Delaney Spear

By On December 1, 2017

Susan Delaney Spear, poet and librettist, holds an MFA in poetry with an emphasis in verse-craft from Western State Colorado University. She teaches poetry and creative writing at Colorado Christian University in… Read More

E-Verse Universe

“Meteor” by Susan Delaney Spear

By On January 26, 2015

Susan Spear is the managing editor of Think, a journal of formal poetry, book reviews, and criticism housed at Western Colorado State University. She has published poems in Academic Questions, The Lyric,… Read More