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Favorite Movies of the Top Five Presidential Candidates

By On March 21, 2016

Enjoy this one now. Someone's bound to drop out soon!… Read More


Top Five Secret Service Code Names for the 2016 US Presidential Race

By On February 15, 2016

The secret service picks secret code names to use to refer to politicians and presidential candidates (this is a topic we've covered before). Technically speaking, the​ names are​​ supposed to be assigned randomly,… Read More


Favorite Books of Top Presidential Candidates

By On August 19, 2015

Last election, we brought you the favorite novels of the top presidential candidates. This election cycle is in its early days, and there are a lot of candidates. What do they like… Read More


Top Five Notable Comments in the Book Double Down: Game Change 2012 by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann

By On May 13, 2014

Awhile back, I read the book Game Change, in which two reporters persuaded a group of insiders working for presidential candidates for the 2008 primaries and election to tell all, with the… Read More