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What Lurks Down There? Ernest Hilbert’s Dark Web Magazine, Cocytus

By On November 29, 2017

What’s lurking out there on the infamous Dark Web? A lot of unsavory activity and characters, to be sure. But poets? It’s already got a reputation for hiding the worst human activity,… Read More

E-Verse Universe

“On a Phrase of Thomas Merton’s” by Bill Coyle

By On January 30, 2017

"Bill Coyle's poems can strike every kind of note: they are grave or touching, acerbic or funny, and always civil. He writes with a clear flow of lively thought, and at the… Read More

E-Verse Universe

“The Evil One” by Håkan Sandell, Translated from the Swedish by Bill Coyle

By On September 19, 2016

Bill Coyle's poems and translations have appeared in journals including the Hudson Review, PN Review and Poetry. His first book of poetry, The God of This World to His Prophet, won the… Read More

E-Verse Universe

“The Trash Pile” by Håkan Sandell, translated from Swedish by Bill Coyle

By On August 7, 2013

Håkan Sandell is the author of many books of poetry, translation, and criticism. Born in 1962 in Malmö, southern Sweden, he has lived abroad for most of his life, in Denmark, Ireland,… Read More