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“Without a Net”: Ernest Hilbert on Optic, Graphic, Acoustic, and Other Formations in Free Verse in the Contemporary Poetry Review

By On September 20, 2011

Many strategies have emerged to cope with the open field of free verse, several of them before Frost was even born. When moving away from oppositional definitions—free verse is non-metrical, non-strophic—one is… Read More


“I fancy I know more about Seamus Heaney’s back than anyone not related to him”: Anthony Moore Reviews Seamus Heaney

By On January 28, 2011

"He was sweating heavily. Since his clothes had stuck to him, I helped him shed his fustian academic gown and his Donegal tweed jacket, so he could drink in shirtsleeves. I was… Read More


“Serendipity does not happen often in either the social or the literary realm—but when it does it can be a life-changing experience”: “Poetry and the Problem of Standards” by Jan Schreiber

By On December 20, 2010

Ordinary readers, literary editors, and some English professors confront an inescapable question of judgment: In principle, is it possible, faced with an overwhelming body of work in print, to cull out excellent… Read More


“Is prosody merely an onomatopoetic setting of propositional sense? And if not . . . well, again, what does it mean?”: “The Dark Pool” by David Rothman

By On December 15, 2010

Robert Benchley, the actor, critic and member of the Algonquin Wits, once quipped that “There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe there are two kinds of people… Read More


“Some writers in the throes of creating may agree with Dali and with Picasso who said Ah, good taste! What a dreadful thing! Taste is the enemy of creativeness”: “Learning and Teaching Taste” by Marilyn Krysl

By On December 11, 2010

My grandmother read me Longfellow’s Song of Hiawatha. At four I learned to read. There were as many words as bits of limestone gravel on the road, so white it looked like… Read More


“These Go to Eleven”: E-Verse Eleventh Anniversary Party, Saturday, June 27th, Philadelphia, Hold the Date

By On May 16, 2009

Yes, that’s right, this July 1st will mark a full ten years of E-Verse Radio (and the start of the eleventh year)! We’ll celebrate with a Saturday night of drinks and music… Read More


Top Five Cynical Christmas Movies

By On December 16, 2008

5.  Gremlins (1984) 4. A Midnight Clear (1992) 3. Trading Places (1983) 2. The Ref (1994) 1. Bad Santa (2003)… Read More


“Sweat to Death!”: Top Five Cheap Beers Consumed by Five Young Metalheads in New Jersey During the ’80’s

By On December 7, 2008

The guitarist for Judgement [sic] (Ernie’s old heavy metal band) sends in Top Five Cheap Beers Consumed by Five Young Metalheads in New Jersey During the ’80’s: 5. Meister Brau 4. Old… Read More


E-Verser Introduces a New Drink: Oleg’s Choice

By On July 2, 2008

E-Verser Erica discovered a new drink last night while surveying her liquor cabinet: the Oleg’s Choice! One part Fresca. One part Maker’s Mark. Pour over ice. Drink. Disclaimer: E-Verse Radio has not… Read More


Coolest Barbie I’ve Seen

By On June 27, 2008

Yes! This is a Barbie version of Tippi Hedren’s character Melanie Daniels in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1963 psycho-thriller The Birds, based on the Daphne Du Maurier short story (adapted for the screen… Read More


Ernest Hilbert Interviews X.J. Kennedy

By On April 8, 2008

From the Contemporary Poetry Review. “Celticly Wild, Teutonically Fussy,” an Interview with X. J. Kennedy X. J. Kennedy was born in Dover, NJ in 1929, the son of a boiler factory timekeeper.… Read More


“Nothing is Beneath Consideration”: Christopher Bakken reads letters of Lowell, Wright, Clampitt

By On February 18, 2008

This is a wonderful piece by Christopher Bakken that I published in this month’s issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review: By my count, the greatest collection of letters ever produced by a… Read More


Contemporary Poetry Review Party, 10th Anniversary, Slideshow

By On February 12, 2008

I’m back from a long weekend (working) in San Francisco. While I was away, Paul put together this funny slide show video of the Chelsea Hotel Party. Paul and I hope to… Read More


Some Photos from the Contemporary Poetry Review Party at the Chelsea Hotel

By On February 5, 2008

I hosted a party with Garrick Davis for the Contemporary Poetry Review at the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan last Thursday, the opening night of the AWP conference. Left to right, Jan Schreiber,… Read More


Funny Frontispiece

By On February 4, 2008

I’m back from a long weekend in NYC. I hosted Contemporary Poetry Review parties at the Chelsea Hotel and (the next evening) at the Madison Belvedere. On Saturday I met with my… Read More


American Premiere of The Lifeblood, New Verse Drama by Glyn Maxwell

By On January 24, 2008

AMERICAN PREMIERE OF THE LIFEBLOOD BY GLYN MAXWELL, FEBRUARY 1, 2008 AT PHOENIX THEATRE ENSEMBLE Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, a New York artist-directed theatre company, announces that the American premiere of Glyn Maxwell’s… Read More


What We Owe the New Critics

By On December 18, 2007

Mark Bauerlein on the New Critics and Garrick Davis’s forthcoming book in the Chronicle of Higher Education: When Garrick Davis told me he had assembled an anthology of New Criticism, I reached… Read More


The First Confessionalist: Ernest Hilbert Interviews American Poet W.D. Snodgrass

By On December 12, 2007

From the Contemporary Poetry Review Interviewer’s note: William DeWitt Snodgrass is commonly credited with inaugurating the “confessional” era in American poetry in 1959 with his first collection, Heart’s Needle. It went on… Read More


Neither Does it Strengthen the Soul: Anthony Hecht, 1923-2004

By On December 7, 2007

Neither does it strengthen the soul: Anthony Hecht, 1923-2004 by Ernest Hilbert [In 2004, the Academy of American Poets asked me to write an in memoriam for the American poet Anthony Hecht.… Read More


Kathleen Rooney watches Poetry at the Movies

By On November 16, 2007

In the new issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review, Kathleen Rooney writes about poetry in movies. This is a piece I suggested to her about a year back, and as the editor… Read More


Ernest Hilbert Introduces a Special Issue for Louis MacNeice

By On October 30, 2007

As editor of the Contemporary Poetry Review, I have assembled a special issue devoted to one of my favorite British poets, Louis MacNeice: Just as Ben Jonson bore the unfortunate fate of… Read More


Louis MacNeice: “His Own Unchanging Self”: An Interview with Jon Stallworthy

By On October 29, 2007

Sunil Iyengar interviews Jon Stallworthy on his biography of Louis MacNeice for the new MacNeice issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review: Jon Stallworthy’s blood quickened after a poetry reading he gave earlier… Read More


John Drexel’s “Classic Reading” of Louis MacNeice’s “Sunlight on the Garden”

By On October 18, 2007

John Drexel offers us a “Classic Reading” of Louis MacNeice’s poem “Sunlight on the Garden” in the new issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review: Reviewing Stevie Smith’s Collected Poems in 1976, Seamus… Read More


“Re-Collecting MacNiece”: Maria Johnston on the new Faber Edition of Louis MacNeice’s Collected Poems

By On October 16, 2007

In the new issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review, Maria Johnston reviews the new collected poems of Louis MacNeice: In a note on Louis MacNeice’s poetry penned in 1964, Louise Bogan observed… Read More


The Tawdry Halo of the Idle Martyr: Katy Evans-Bush on MacNeice’s Autumn Journal

By On October 12, 2007

In this month’s issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review, Katy Evans-Bush takes us back for another look at Louis MacNeice’s classic book-length poem Autumn Journal: In 1963, after Louis MacNeice’s premature death… Read More


Explaining the Modernist Joke: James Matthew Wilson Considers W.H. Auden, Louis MacNeice, and Letters from Iceland

By On October 10, 2007

In this month’s issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review, James Matthew Wilson examines the famous collaboration between Auden and MacNeice: Like many odd literary creatures from the British 1930’s, W.H. Auden and… Read More


Andrew Goodspeed lauds the daring of Kevin Ducey

By On September 27, 2007

In this month’s issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review, Andrew Goodspeed writes about the Kevin Ducey’s book Rhinoceros: “Kevin Ducey’s great strength is his daring. He frequently appears silly, he risks silliness… Read More


Tupelo Press Announces a Sarah Hannah Memorial and Reading

By On September 26, 2007

Tupelo Press announces a Sarah Hannah Memorial and Reading. “Please join us October 25th from 7-9PM for a memorial for Sarah Hannah (1966-2007) including readings from the new book Inflorescence by poets… Read More


James Rother returns with Part Three of the Prose of Poetry

By On September 25, 2007

In the current issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review, the infamous critic James Rother continues his series on the Prose of Poetry: “Where poetry can but clutch and cling, prose is free… Read More


James Matthew Wilson Examines the History of Expansive Poetry

By On September 19, 2007

In this month’s issue of the Contemporary Poetry Review, young critic James Matthew Wilson continues his controversial series on poetry and the academy with a look back at the history of the… Read More