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Red Hen Press Turns 17: Celebrate with Ron Carlson, Natasha Tethewey, and T.C. Boyle

By On September 15, 2011

Proceeds from this event will not only help Red Hen continue its tradition of literary achievement, it will also benefit Red Hen’s Writing in the Schools program, a literacy initiative for underprivileged… Read More


KGB Monday Night Poetry Fall Lineup!

By On August 29, 2011

Monday Night Poetry is back at the legendary KGB Bar in New York's East Village, co-hosted by Megin Jimenez and Matthew Yeager. … Read More


Dan Stone Introduces ALIBI: a New Magazine of Literature and Rock & Roll

By On August 20, 2011

"Alibi is a new sort of magazine focused on literature and rock & roll. It’s published using a mix of traditional and innovative approaches–not only online, not only print, but a unique… Read More


Stephen Dunn, Cynthia Hogue, Garret Hongo, Albert Goldbarth, Camille Dungy, and More! Red Hen Press’s Fall Reading Schedule

By On August 14, 2011

Catch some of these authors at Red Hen Press's fall reading series!… Read More


Study Prosody with David Yezzi at the 92nd Street Y in New York City

By On August 8, 2011

Poems are written in musical language. Examine the ways that traditional meter and verse techniques are used to make music in poetry, and learn how the age-old tools of poetic composition can… Read More


“When I was working on poems about her death, I was happy. It was the only time all day that I was happy”: Ernest Hilbert Interviews Donald Hall

By On May 5, 2011

My interview with Donald Hall appears in the new May/June issue of the American Poetry Review.… Read More


Seamus Heaney “Renewed” at the Royal Society of Literature

By On April 30, 2011

The Royal Society of Literature (of which I am a member) recently hosted an evening of conversations with Seamus Heaney, featuring the likes of Bernard O’Donoghue, Nick Laird, Andrew O’Hagan, Jo Shapcott,… Read More


“Most respondents stated that attitudes towards sex changed after the Vietnam and Woodstock wars”: Introducing “Shit My Students Write”

By On April 28, 2011

"Rome went on to conquer other territories and planets."… Read More


“Prisoner of More” by Jill Alexander Essbaum, from the New Issue of Think Journal

By On April 26, 2011

Check out the new issue of Think Journal, its first perfect-bound edition, including new poetry from David Yezzi, Ernest Hilbert, Deborah Warren, Ashley Anna McHugh, and many others, (such as Rilke and… Read More

Literary News

“The corrupted treasures of the world”: David Yezzi reviews the Selected Poems of Anthony Hecht

By On April 25, 2011

And then, to my astonishment, a small group of German women, perhaps five or six, leading small children by the hand, and with white flags of surrender fixed to staves and broom-handles,… Read More


“. . . It Raised Adolescence to an Ideology:” 100 Artists’ Manifestos reviewed by Terry Eagleton

By On April 23, 2011

This fetishism of the future crops up on almost every page of 100 Artists’ Manifestos, deftly selected and stylishly introduced by Alex Danchev. Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto of 1909, which as Danchev points… Read More


E-Verse Congratulates Kay Ryan on Her Pulitzer Prize!

By On April 19, 2011

"Over the past five years no new poet has so deeply impressed me with her imaginative flair or originality as Kay Ryan. I first saw her poems almost by accident. In 1994… Read More


“Professor of Perjury? What Will He Say to His Students?”: Geoffrey Hill’s Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Poetry at Oxford

By On March 25, 2011

There was standing room only in the South Room of the Examination Schools for this inaugural lecture. With powerful and resonant delivery, Professor Hill discussed the entanglement of poetry and perjury, the… Read More


2011 Tollund Poetry Translation Contest Winners

By On March 15, 2011

In collaboration with the popular literary blog E-Verse Radio, Tollund Inc., an international legal translation firm, is happy to announce the winners of the second annual Tollund Poetry Translation Prize.… Read More


Wesley Stace’s New Novel: Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer

By On February 19, 2011

England, 1923. A gentleman critic named Leslie Shepherd tells the macabre story of a gifted young composer, Charles Jessold. On the eve of his revolutionary new opera’s premiere, Jessold murders his wife… Read More

Literary News

Check Out an Impressive Online Anthology of Poetry

By On February 16, 2011

A Canadian gentleman by the name of John Fraser maintains an excellent online anthology of poetry, spanning several centuries and including a number of very good contemporary poets. Have a look by… Read More


Too Bookish to Play Video Games, You Say? Well, Try The Great Gatsby for Nintendo!

By On February 14, 2011

Now this is fun. Thanks to E-Verser Stephen for sending this one in. Click below to play! Good luck, and watch out for those martinis.… Read More


Oscar Wilde Week at Esoteric London!

By On February 14, 2011

E-Verser Katy Evans-Bush, the woman behind the famous literary blog Baroque in Hackney and, now, Horizon Review magazine, would like to make an announcement.… Read More


Announcing the spring season of poetry at KGB Bar in New York City

By On February 13, 2011

KGB Monday Night Poetry is proud to present our spring line-up. We're certain you shan't fail to note it includes luminaries, and upstarts, a range of voices, styles, literary presses & aesthetic… Read More


Ernest Hilbert Appears in Two New Penguin Anthologies

By On February 11, 2011

Purchase at Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, or Alibris.… Read More


Announcing Western State College of Colorado’s MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry with an Emphasis on Formal Verse

By On February 10, 2011

E-Verse recommended program. Please share with anyone you think might be interested. … Read More

Literary News

“Does rap’s suspended adolescence keep it from serious consideration?”: Adam Kirsch on The Anthology of Rap

By On February 5, 2011

"Poets have been more interested in what they can learn from rap than vice versa."… Read More


Press Release: Poet David Yezzi to Join Western State College of Colorado’s MFA Faculty

By On February 2, 2011

David Yezzi, acclaimed poet and executive editor of The New Criterion , will join the graduate creative writing faculty in Western’s MFA this summer.… Read More


“‘Official’ Art Was Dull and Desiccated and that the Real Vibrancy was with the Subversive Trash of Popular Culture”: Neal Gabler on the Enduring Divide Between the Critics and the Public

By On February 1, 2011

Kael's was a time in America, some 40 years ago, when the balance of power was shifting from the elites to the populists–a last-ditch fight that turned criticism into a blood sport… Read More


“The Text is Read on One’s Knees”: E-Verser Luke Hankins Announces His New Book of Translations from the French

By On February 1, 2011

Stella Vinitchi Radulescu was born in Romania and left the country permanently in 1983, at the height of Ceausescu’s communist regime. After seeking political asylum in Rome, she immigrated to the U.S.… Read More


“I fancy I know more about Seamus Heaney’s back than anyone not related to him”: Anthony Moore Reviews Seamus Heaney

By On January 28, 2011

"He was sweating heavily. Since his clothes had stuck to him, I helped him shed his fustian academic gown and his Donegal tweed jacket, so he could drink in shirtsleeves. I was… Read More


“Majoring in literature or art history rather than economics or biology, never mind hotel management or marketing, suggests a certain privileged indifference to material concerns”: The Editors of N+1 on What it Means to Be “Elitist” Today

By On January 27, 2011

One would be that access to political, economic, and military power is today more meritocratic and open than access to filmmaking, humanistic academia, freelance writing, wine criticism, and so on. Do people… Read More


Second Annual Tollund Poetry Translation Prize Now Open

By On January 20, 2011

In collaboration with the popular literary blog E-Verse Radio, Tollund Inc., an international legal translation firm, is happy to announce the second annual Tollund Poetry Translation Prize.… Read More


“Only waiting until Cyclops finds us. It is horrible!”: Adam Kirsch Tackles Saul Bellow’s Letters in the Times Literary Supplement

By On January 14, 2011

Diderot speaks both in his own voice–as the rational, meliorist man of the Enlightenment–and in the voice of the Nephew, who overpowers the reader with torrential, brilliant rants even as he confesses… Read More


“Look, Honey, Awww, They’re Just Like Us!”: Celebrity Librararies

By On January 12, 2011

Head on over to Flavorwire to have a peek into some celebrities' libraries. E-Verse picked its own three favorites. Thanks to E-Verse photographer Niamh for sending these in.… Read More