Top Five Women in Politics Who Have Been Called Crazy

by on 07/12/11 at 9:14 am

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It is common to call women in politics crazy when you don’t like what they’ve said. And to really commit to the belief that they’re crazy. Look, I might not agree with some of these women. I might think some of them are nasty, and not too bright, and narrow-minded. But none of them is actually crazy. They haven’t said anything more outlandish than a lot of the men of their respective parties, but the guys haven’t been accused to that extent of being crazy. As a guy, you’ve got to go full-on Glenn Beck before you get called crazy.

Sharron Angle grinning, but not like a crazy person would

5. Sharron Angle: Remember her? She ran against Harry Reid in the 2008 House election.

What, me, crazy? Nah.

4. Michele Bachmann: She says some things that sound “out there” to moderates and liberals, but she’s not all that crazy.

Crazy? Crazy-hot her male supporters say.

3. Sarah Palin: She’s not a great scholar of politics or history, but she’s best known for being brash and very “normal,” not crazy crazy.

What, me worry?

2. Christine O’Donnell:Oh, yeah, the witch thing, and some other unusual comments . . . but still, not completely bat-shit nuts, either.

And, just what you were waiting for, one from the other party:

1.  Hilary Clinton: She’s tough when she needs to be, but she’s not loony. However, she is capable of making some CRAZY-looking faces. That’s true.'


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