Top Five Variations on the Word “Anorexia”

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Remember a time when we didn’t even know there was such a thing as an eating disorder? Now, there are lots of other disorders that have been named by creating a portmanteau word with anorexia. Here are a few of them.

5. Manorexia: anorexia when a man has it. Most anorexics are women and girls, but the condition is growing among men. Dennis Quaid has reported that he developed this after he lost a bunch of weight to play the tubercular Doc Holliday in the movie Wyatt Earp. It’s also apparently common among jockeys, who must keep their weight down.

4. Bigorexia: A body dysmorphic disorder more common to men than to women, it involves an obsession with increasing muscle size to outlandish proportions, using unsafe ways. This image is not photoshopped.

3. Wannarexia: people who claim to be anorexic or wish they were anorexic, because they want to be as thin as anorexics, and they are also under the impression that having anorexia is glamorous and that anorexics get lots of attention. See also “glamorexia” and “fauxlimia.”

2. Nanorexia: a slang term for a fat person who thinks they’re thin so they wear very tight clothing.

1. Tanorexia: an obsession with tanning. So not an eating disorder. But you can see what they mean. Anorexia is a body dysmorphic disorder, and tanorexia shares that aspect.'

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    Jun 19th, 2012

    All your examples here are very educational.
    The image you have of the 4. Bigorexia fellow, is all over the internet. You say it is not photoshopped. I’ve tried to research this photo for the mans name and info and can NOT find anything to verify this photo. You must know more about this photo to be able to acknowledge that it is not photoshopped. Would you be able to send me that info please. My husband thinks it’s a photoshopped image because as he says, that man would not be able to drive a car, ride on a plane, and must buy all custom made clothes because of his neck size alone. Thank you for your time, Kat




    Jan 11th, 2014

    It is not photoshoted


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