Top Five Places Where Tunnel People Live

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Back in 2010, E-Verse posted a Top Five Places Where There are Secret Tunnels list. Now, here are Top Five Places Where Tunnel People Live. Yes, incredibly, like the Morlocks of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, there really are communities living underground! Here are a few.


Ah, home sweet home.

5. The Village of Vinh Moc: This town moved underground for safety during the Vietnam War. But Google “Vietnam tunnels” or “Cu Chi Tunnels” and you can find websites and YouTube videos that show you not just Vinh Moc, but also a whole network of tunnels used during the Vietnam war, created by the Viet Cong. The “Tunnel Rats” were troops assigned to basically live in the tunnels hunting the Viet Cong’s tunnel troops. Now, it’s a tourist attraction.


Oh, that's where they went.

4. The Taliban in Afghanistan: OK, so Osama Bin Laden wasn’t actually hiding in a cave when Seal Team 6 caught up with him. But there are still secret tunnels.



3. Cappadocia, Turkey: These are definitely worth a visit! Check out Ben Downing’s brain-meltingly good poem “Domestic Cappodocia.”


Sin City Underground

2. Las Vegas: It’s hard to believe anyone needs to live underground, given the low cost of housing after the bubble burst there. But they do.

New York is so deep and ancient that scores of homeless move underground in the winter

1. Manhattan: Awhile back there was a whole book about the Mole People of New York.


Extra: Rome, circa 100 AD.

Extra extra: imaginary underground tunnels.

You can check out more here, but those are places designed to house just a few people occasionally. But the above 5 items I described are places where a substantial number of people lived for prolonged periods of time underground.'


Bethany is a senior staff writer for E-Verse Radio, known for her trademark top five lists. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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