Bethany’s Top Five Movie Trends of 2012

by on 18/04/12 at 9:29 am

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If you read the blurbs of movies coming out in 2012, you start to notice some patterns. Here are the top five movie theme trends of 2012 (so far . . .).


America's new favorite pastime . . .

5. Battles to the death played out as games: See The Hunger Games, The Cabin in the Woods, The Frozen Ground.



Cute? Sure. Deadly? Oh yeah.

4. A beautiful girl turns out (twist!) to be a tough warrior!: See Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave, The Hunger Games.




Even if you're dreaming, these bullets will likely kill you.

3. What’s reality and what’s fantasy? Who knows? Do you?: See The Cabin in the Woods, Total Recall, Life of Pi, Ruby Spark.




The man had a way with words . . . and wooden stakes, evidently.

2. Genre-bending (and blending) fantasy: See Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; Dark Shadows; Snow White and the Huntsman; Mirror Mirror.

You call that a plasma cannon?

1. My gun is bigger than your gun!: See The Expendables II, Men in Black 3, The Bourne Legacy, Battleship, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Savages, Safe.'


Bethany is a senior staff writer for E-Verse Radio, known for her trademark top five lists. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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