Top Five Famous People Born on the Same Day

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5. Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln: February 12, 1809. Had Darwin died on April 15, 1865, he never would have published The Descent of Man, with his bold assertion that humans are descended from apes. And 1860 was a pivotal year for both men—On the Origin of Species was published at the end of 1859, and 1860 saw its impact expand throughout the world. 1860 was also the year Lincoln was elected president and saw the southern states begin their secession from the union.

4. George W. Bush and Sylvester Stallone: July 6, 1946. One is a guy who is perceived to be a bit of a lunkhead with delusions of grandeur and a speech impediment, who gained fame through playing at being a warrior, playing a guy blundering around killing people in foreign countries such as Afghanistan, and pretending to be a Vietnam veteran.

3. Sigmund Freud and Robert Peary: May 6, 1856: The father of modern psychiatry and the man who claimed to have reached the geographic North Pole (but was almost certainly lying).

2. Sir Winston S. Churchill and Lucy Maud Montgomery: November 30, 1874. Montgomery was a famous Canadian writer familiar to millions as the author of the Anne of Green Gables perpetual beloved staple of young girls’ reading. But it’s Churchill who has the Nobel Prize in Literature. While Churchill was busy being born in a closet shockingly few months after his parents’ marriage, Montgomery was being born halfway around the world to a father who would soon embark upon giving her the miserable childhood that seems so common amongst children’s authors.

1. Ariel Sharon and Fats Domino: February 26, 1928

Extra: Paul McCartney and Roger Ebert'

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7 Responses to “Top Five Famous People Born on the Same Day”


    t jones

    Dec 2nd, 2009

    Marilyn Monroe and Andy Griffith were born on the same day June 1, 1926



    Robert Phillips

    Jan 3rd, 2010

    In the back of my memory, I seem to recall a Famous birth Date “Tie-in” and I can’t remember if it’s Edgar Allen Poe and Someone else or Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain)
    Do you show a Birth Date “tie-In” for either of these men, and another person of note?


    Ernie Reply:

    Edgar Allan Poe shares a birthday with a few interesting people, but not Twain: Julian Barnes, Dolly Parton, Ursula Andres, Tippi Hedren, Patricia Highsmith, and Robert Edward Lee.



    Rick S.

    Dec 31st, 2010

    Hockey Greats Mario Lemieux And Patick Roy Were Born On October 5th 1965 In The Same City. (Montreal).



    dewey lungfish

    Jun 23rd, 2011

    Uma Thurman and Andre Agassi
    both born 4/29/1970

    Meryl Streep and Lindsay Wagner
    both born 6/22/1949

    Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter (husband and wife on Family Ties)
    both born 6/21/1947




    Nov 6th, 2012

    angellina jolie and russel brand june 4th 1975




    Apr 13th, 2013

    How about…

    Kirk Douglas shares the same day as his wife Catherine Zeta Jones (25 year age difference).

    Gerard Pique and Shakira (10 year gap) and again, married.

    How do you get invited to celebrity birthday parties, eh?


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