“The Octopus” by James Merrill

by on 25/06/12 at 9:05 am

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There are many monsters that a glassen surface
Restrains. And none more sinister
Than vision asleep in the eye’s tight translucence.
Rarely it seeks now to unloose
Its diamonds. Having divined how drab a prison
The purest mortal tissue is,
Rarely it wakes. Unless, coaxed out by lusters
Extraordinary, like the octopus
From the gloom of its tank half-swimming half-drifting
Toward anything fair, a handkerchief
Or child’s face dreaming near the glass, the writher
Advances in a godlike wreath
Of its own wrath. Chilled by such fragile reeling
A hundred blows of a boot-heel
Shall not quell, the dreamer wakes and hungers.
Percussive pulses, drum or gong,
Build in his skull their loud entrancement,
Volutions of a Hindu dance.
His hands move clumsily in the first conventional
Gestures of assent.
He is willing to undergo the volition and fervor
Of many fleshlike arms, observe
These in their holiness of indirection
Destroy, adore, evolve, reject—
Till on glass rigid with his own seizure
At length the sucking jewels freeze.





Ernest Hilbert

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One Response to ““The Octopus” by James Merrill”

  1. Ernie

    Jun 25th, 2012

    Louis S. Asekoff: such a fine poem the new yorker published it twice — once under merrill’s name & years later in a slightly altered state by an english grad student pomo avant la lettre “plagiarist”

    Katy Evans-Bush: Now we’re talking.

    Joel Allegretti: A true master of the English language


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