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“An honest volume for dishonest times”: Caligulan as Not-Half-Bad Christmas Present

By On December 10, 2016

I'd be remiss if I didn't make at least a… Read More


Ernest Hilbert with Dawn Manning and Luke Stromberg at the Pen and Pencil Club

By On December 1, 2016

Since the birth of our son Ian… Read More


“Light Illumined” by Ernest Hilbert

By On August 11, 2016

"As anti-pastoral as Hilbert can be, he shares Robert Frost’s commitment to describing impressions as precisely… Read More


Caligulan Lands in London and London Takes a Bite Out of It

By On July 28, 2016

Through the kind ministrations of noted bookseller and celebrated… Read More


“Kite” by Ernest Hilbert Scored for Voice and Cello by Christopher LaRosa

By On July 7, 2016

Follow along with the score as you listen to… Read More


“Summer Scream” by Ernest Hilbert in the New Issue of Per Contra

By On June 29, 2016

My light-hearted summer "horror" poem "Summer Scream" appears in… Read More


“Visible Spectrum” by Ernest Hilbert

By On March 25, 2016

“There are books of poetry that, if only readers could be induced to pick them up,… Read More


Desk Copies of Ernest Hilbert’s Caligulan are Available for University Professors and Instructors

By On March 7, 2016

If you teach a course in contemporary American… Read More

E-Verse Universe

Ernest Hilbert Recent Publications and Other News February and March 2016

By On February 17, 2016

A quick update on some recent activity in the realms… Read More



By On September 30, 2015

Ernest Hilbert's third collection of poetry, Caligulan, is now available for sale.
Come out to help… Read More


“Meridian” by Ernest Hilbert

By On July 10, 2015

"Ernest Hilbert’s poems are beautifully made in their diction. The intelligence is clear." – Donald Hall
Tough-minded and precise, Ernest Hilbert’s lyrics, like his old mirror left out at the… Read More

E-Verse Universe

“Kite” by Ernest Hilbert (with Audio)

By On July 2, 2015

"The comparisons to Lowell are just . . . What’s so attractive [in All of… Read More

E-Verse Universe

“Mineral Point” by Ernest Hilbert in the New Issue of Yale Review

By On January 7, 2015

Like Yale’s schools of music, drama, and architecture, like… Read More


Jonathan Creasy Interviews Ernest Hilbert for New Dublin Press, Part One, Plus a New Poem, “Caligulan,” with Audio

By On September 16, 2014

Jonathan Creasy, an… Read More