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“On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness” by Arthur Guiterman

By On August 4, 2016

Arthur Guiterman was born of American parents in Vienna, graduated from the… Read More

Rebecca Watts photo
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“Insomniac” by Rebecca Watts

By On August 3, 2016

Rebecca Watts was born in Suffolk, England in 1983 and now lives in Cambridge, where she works… Read More


Caligulan Lands in London and London Takes a Bite Out of It

By On July 28, 2016

Through the kind ministrations of noted bookseller and celebrated… Read More

Ben Mazer
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“How easy it was, to stand and look at the stars” by Ben Mazer

By On July 26, 2016

Ben Mazer was educated at Harvard University,… Read More

Caoilinn Hughes at the launch of her book of poetry Gathering Evidence, in Charlie Byrnes Bookshop on Wednesday. Photo:- Mike Shaughnessy
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“We Are Experiencing Delay” by Caoilinn Hughes

By On July 20, 2016

Irish writer Caoilinn Hughes' first collection, Gathering Evidence, was published by Carcanet in 2014.… Read More

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“New Jersey” by BJ Ward

By On July 13, 2016

"In poems that both honor and transcend his blue-collar roots, BJ Ward blends poignancy and humor… Read More

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“Spell for an Orchard” by John Clegg

By On July 12, 2016

John Clegg was born in Chester in 1986 and grew up in Cambridge. He… Read More

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“Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” by Robert Archambeau

By On July 8, 2016

Robert Archambeau is a poet and literary critic whose works include the books… Read More

Kite Kite

“Kite” by Ernest Hilbert Scored for Voice and Cello by Christopher LaRosa

By On July 7, 2016

Follow along with the score as you listen to… Read More

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“I, Too, have Been to the Huntington” by J.V. Cunningham

By On July 6, 2016

[Cunningham's poems] "difficult as they are to place in the stream… Read More

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“Independence Day” by John Poch

By On July 4, 2016

John Poch has published four collections of poetry. His most recent, Fix Quiet, won the 2014… Read More

F & M 3
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“The Night my Sister Went to Hollywood” by Hilda Sheehan

By On July 1, 2016

Hilda Sheehan's debut collection is The Night my Sister Went to… Read More


“Summer Scream” by Ernest Hilbert in the New Issue of Per Contra

By On June 29, 2016

My light-hearted summer "horror" poem "Summer Scream" appears in… Read More

At the climax, the Baron, driven mad with desire for the book, commits murder! His daughter confronts him and is terrified when she realizes he does not understand what he has done and feels no remorse.

Images of The Book Collector, a New Opera by Composer Stella Sung and Librettist Ernest Hilbert

By On June 28, 2016

Until now, I've only been… Read More

Mark Danowsky bio
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“14-Year-Old with Two Friends on Bikes Outside the Wawa on Germantown Ave” by Mark Danowsky

By On June 23, 2016

Mark Danowsky’s poetry has appeared in… Read More


Top Five Anti-Trump Spoofs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By On June 22, 2016

So: Donald Trump, presidential candidate. It’s here, it’s real. And it’s inspiring… Read More

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“Evening Landscape” by Leonard Gontarek

By On June 20, 2016

Leonard Gontarek is the author of six books of poems, including He Looked Beyond My Faults… Read More

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“Fathers and Sons” by David Mason

By On June 19, 2016

"David Mason's poems are about moments of realisation. Something is otherwise. Something has been learned… Read More

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

Top Trump and Hillary Clinton Google Autocomplete Suggestions

By On June 17, 2016

Here are some of the top autocomplete results for various Trump and Hillary… Read More


“From the Balcony on Heavy Metal Tribute Night at the Trocadero” by Ernest Hilbert

By On June 17, 2016

"Per Contra began publication as an online… Read More

eckes reading
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“dirty martini” by Ryan Eckes

By On June 14, 2016

"Ryan Eckes' VALU-PLUS continues his incisive, wry, sincere, & gorgeous examination of the city- landscape. In… Read More

who knew

Top Five Things You May Not Know about Donald Trump that are Absolutely True

By On June 9, 2016

With all the media coverage Trump enjoys… Read More

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“The Lion for Real” by Allen Ginsberg

By On June 3, 2016

"Ginsberg is both tragic & dynamic, a lyrical genius, con man extraordinaire and probably… Read More

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“piano after war” by Gwendolyn Brooks

By On May 30, 2016

"She is a very good poet, the only superlative I dare use in our time… Read More

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“Dummy, 51, to Go to a Museum, Ventriloquist Dead at 75” by May Swenson

By On May 28, 2016

"Swenson was a visionary poet, a prodigious… Read More

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Sir Alec Guinness Reads T.S. Eliot’s Poetry

By On May 27, 2016

"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," The Waste Land, and Four Quartets were… Read More

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“Black Ice and Rain” by Michael Donaghy

By On May 24, 2016

"A linguistic musician, a literary musician. Every poem is a marvel." - Simon Armitage
Rick Mullin’s latest Collection, Stignatz & the User of Vicenza is published by… Read More


Ernest Hilbert and Stella Sung’s New Opera, The Book Collector, to Premiere Friday, May 20th

By On May 13, 2016

My second opera with composer Stella… Read More

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“To My Mother” by George Barker

By On May 8, 2016

"His work was passionate, intellectually challenging and highly original, his language incantatory and often… Read More