“. . . Left Me Feeling Disoriented and Uneasy, Like a Tethered Goat”: Superb Animated Pastiche of Hunter S. Thompson’s Prose Style

by on 21/08/12 at 4:41 pm

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Antfood, Buck, and String Theory created this fantastic faux-Hunter Thompson tribute to Kafka disguised as a commercial for Goodbooks International that donates all of its retail profit to Oxfam.

Good Books “Metamorphosis” from Antfood on Vimeo.

We dug through the darkest recesses of our minds and studio to create original music and sound design for this Buck masterpiece. Working with squirming, analog-tape leeches, moaning coeds, screaming guitar goats, and brain-exploding psychedelia, we were certainly in our element. Plus, it’s always fun to rock out and get a little weird for a good cause!

Good Books, an online bookseller, passes all of its profits through to Oxfam. Our hats go off to Buck and String Theory.

Enjoy the trip!


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