from “Ancillariums” by Kevin Varrone

by on 05/07/12 at 9:50 am

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if an apple falls from a tree with leaves
if a tree falls in a forest that’s been defoliated
if sputnik crashes unceremoniously to the sea

(if nothing is plumb
then nothing will be plumb
then what will being plumb be?)

hindsight & midday. to a noonery, esau, I’ll take the culpa


no signs where the seams meet,
no schism in the joints of the sentence.

sting like a bee, I say


masquerade as, define as,
only contain what the outside world needs to know:

that is why he
is said to be anonymous on his way


ere long, evening
(the difference engine)
will begin being binary
+++++++dots & bits, will braille
+++++++its glyphs

(as a curved arrow on a road sign)

& I will be threatening
+++++++to change planets.
my mom is a sphere.

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