Bethany’s Top Five “Doctors to the Stars” (and One “Dentist to the Stars”)

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“. . . to the stars” is an epithet that many aspire to append to a job description. We at E-Verse aim to be educational, so I want to inform you that it’s incredibly easy to become a Doctor To The Stars. All you need to do is to be incredibly liberal with your prescription pad. Stars will pay big money to docs willing to prescribe some fun. Here are the most successful of the bunch.


You wanna be off the wall? Sure thing?

5. Dr. Conrad Murray: Michael Jackson’s doctor, he administered general anesthesia to the King of Pop, but unfortunately didn’t monitor him sufficiently closely. Consequently, just about a month after becoming doctor to the stars, he became killer of a star.


You can call me any time, Mr. President, just don't call me Dr. Feelgood.

4. Dr. Janet Travell: She wasn’t a doctor to the  stars, but she was JFK’s personal doctor. Her job was to treat the chronic pain he experienced from back injuries. Jackie praised her highly as being the first doctor to help his chronic pain. She gave JFK shots of a novocaine-like substance, sometimes several times a day, and accompanied him on trips abroad. She was a respected, legit doctor, the only one on this list. More notoriously, JFK and many other famous people in the 60s saw Dr. Max Jacobson, nicknamed “Dr. Feelgood” or, interestingly, “Miracle Max” (I don’t know if the character from The Princess Bride was named after him, though the era is right and the author must certainly have known of him). He was very liberal in prescribing anything and everything to the Kennedys as well as to any star who wanted his services. He gave both Kennedys amphetamines (Jackie didn’t know what they were;  it’s not clear that JFK knew either) and many other drugs. He ultimately lost his license.


No, really, I feel fine.

3. Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor: These doctors prescribed large dosages of various drugs to Anna Nicole Smith, contributing to her to spending much time in a stupor, particularly in the last year of her life. Dr. Kapoor was cleared of wrongdoing, but Eroshevich, a psychiatrist, was found guilty.

Naw, it's all legal. Perfectly legal.

2. Dr. Jules Mark Lusman: Lost his license after he was found guilty of overprescribing drugs to his celebrity patients, such as Winona Ryder and Courtney Love.


Everything's under control. Nothing to see here.

1. Dr. Alun Jones“Dr Alun Jones, whose patients have included Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones and the Duchess of Kent, needed psychotherapy to cope with the consequences of his wife Sofi’s extravagant shopping sprees, the General Medical Council was told yesterday. The 63-year-old GP, who ran a private clinic in Slough, Berks, denies serious professional misconduct stemming from his failure to stop his 38-year-old wife, Sofi, a socialite and daughter of a Panamanian politician, from using details in confidential medical records to send begging letters. She was said to have been driven to the behaviour by manic depression and an obsessive compulsive disorder.”


If you’re interested in this topic, go read Carrie Fisher’s autobiographical work Shockaholic, in which she talks about “Dentist to the Stars” Dr. Evan Chandler, who attracted stars to his practice by prescribing morphine and other painkillers for them, even going to their homes to inject them with things (for a fee).'


Bethany is a senior staff writer for E-Verse Radio, known for her trademark top five lists. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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