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Top Five Kevin Spacey Movies That Seem Creepy in Retrospect

By On November 3, 2017

From CNN: Kevin Spacey made the set of Netflix's "House of Cards" into a "toxic" work environment through a pattern of sexual harassment, eight people who currently work on the show or… Read More


Top Five New Vocabulary Words of the Trump Presidency

By On January 19, 2017

In preparation for the Trump presidency, Bethany brings us a few new vocabulary terms we might find ourselves using. … Read More

E-Verse Universe

Top Five Most Tasteless Holocaust-related Artistic Things

By On December 5, 2016

In America, we tend to be very careful around certain topics . . . like the Holocaust! But that's not true for everyone, certainly outside of the US. Bethany takes us through… Read More


Top Five Anti-Christmas Christmas Songs

By On December 4, 2016

Christmas has more songs than any other holiday, maybe all the others combined. That means it also has the most songs written against it. Let's have a listen. … Read More


Top Five Dystopian Movies that Will Give You an Idea of What is to Come

By On November 28, 2016

Obviously, the world won't turn into these dystopias simply because Trump is president, but they'll give you a taste of the issues we'll be facing with him as president. And speaking of… Read More


Top Five New Measurements for Judging Beauty

By On November 20, 2016

I think we can all agree that most women are ignorant of the vital importance of being beautiful. Likewise, some key features of a woman’s body may very well avoid public scrutiny… Read More

E-Verse Universe

Top Five Suggestions for a Mazel Tov Cocktail

By On November 7, 2016

So today (November 7, 2016), a Trump spokesperson referenced a Jay Z video, which she says features protesters throwing "Mazel Tov Cocktails" at police (instead of Molotov cocktails). So this of course… Read More


Bethany’s Top Five Diseases Hillary Clinton has Been Accused of Having

By On November 5, 2016

For many months now, the Trump camp, Sean Hannity, Fox News, the Drudge Report, and Alex Jones have been accusing Hillary Clinton of being gravely ill. They keep pointing to videos and… Read More


Top Five Ways Trump Has Been Influenced by Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

By On November 2, 2016

Alex Jones is an increasingly successful conspiracy theorist with his own media empire. He's the one saying that Sandy Hook was faked using child "crisis actors." He's the one behind the stories… Read More


Top Five Ways the 2016 Presidential Election is all about Penises

By On November 1, 2016

This election is a departure from our usual expectations in many ways. There's never been one quite like it. But what really makes it stand out? In other elections, we haven't had… Read More


Top Five Indications that Donald Trump is a Vampire

By On October 28, 2016

Well, it's Halloween and almost election day here in the US. Hard to know which presents the scarier prospect. In fact, what if the two are directly related this time? What if… Read More


Top Five Dickensian Nicknames for Donald Trump

By On October 6, 2016

Charles Dickens was a master at conjuring evocative names for his characters. This popped into my head while watching the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, so I came up… Read More


Bethany Brings Us Another 25 of the Most Interesting Wikipedia Entries

By On August 26, 2016

Banned racist cartoons, Nazi sex dolls, the "Man of the Hole," Ego Depletion, the Dunning-Kruger Effect, massacres you've never heard of, and so much more!… Read More


Top Five Anti-Trump Spoofs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By On June 22, 2016

So: Donald Trump, presidential candidate. It’s here, it’s real. And it’s inspiring a lot of anger toward Trump. Some of you may not be aware of how long this distaste for the… Read More


Top Trump and Hillary Clinton Google Autocomplete Suggestions

By On June 17, 2016

Here are some of the top autocomplete results for various Trump and Hillary searches. What do these say about the candidates? For that matter, what does it say about the American electorate?… Read More


Top Five Things You May Not Know about Donald Trump that are Absolutely True

By On June 9, 2016

With all the media coverage Trump enjoys in the age of the 24-hour news cycle and personal branding, you probably think you know all you need to know about him. But then… Read More


Top Five New Ben and Jerry’s Flavors Now that They’ve Been Arrested

By On April 21, 2016

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, were arrested on Monday at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., as part of a protest to support voting rights and… Read More


Top Five Recent Movies Featuring Allegories of the Class System

By On April 15, 2016

Hollywood, a world defined by high-finance ventures, vulgarly luxurious lifestyles, ferocious competition, and cynical demographic pandering, is also the source of much fuss about social injustice. Wealthy producers pat themselves on the… Read More


Top Five Performances of “The Star-Spangled Banner”

By On April 10, 2016

"The Star-Spangled Banner" is a really hard song to sing. Francis Scott Key, a lawyer and amateur poet, wrote the poem "Defence of Fort M'Henry" in September 1814 after watching a British… Read More


Even More Top 25 interesting Wikipedia Pages

By On March 28, 2016

Ready to disappear into WikiWorld? … Read More


Favorite Movies of the Top Five Presidential Candidates

By On March 21, 2016

Enjoy this one now. Someone's bound to drop out soon!… Read More


Bethany’s Top Five Donald Trump Epithets

By On March 2, 2016

An epithet is an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned. It is usually a term of abuse, as in “dirty” old man. Here are… Read More


Top Five Recent Movie Trailers That Use Formerly Cheerful Music in a Slow Minor Key for Effect

By On February 28, 2016

Hollywood doesn't do anything except in herds. Once one new style starts to take off, it is copied endlessly. Even in development, ideas, if you can call them such, motifs, really, are… Read More


Top Five Secret Service Code Names for the 2016 US Presidential Race

By On February 15, 2016

The secret service picks secret code names to use to refer to politicians and presidential candidates (this is a topic we've covered before). Technically speaking, the​ names are​​ supposed to be assigned randomly,… Read More


Top Five Awesome People who are (Surprisingly) Still Alive

By On February 9, 2016

We've lost a lot of good people lately. January 2016 was tough, with Lemmy, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and others. So let's enjoy those who are still in our midst. These people… Read More


Top Five Woody Allen Movies in which an Older Man Has an Affair with a Much Younger Woman

By On February 1, 2016

An easy target, you might think, but it's worth pointing out these age discrepancies. You have been warned!… Read More


Top Five Similarities Between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Il

By On January 25, 2016

Kim Jong-Il, the Dear Leader of North Korea, passed away in 2011, but his memory lives on. He is the star of movies like Team America, World Police and the producer of… Read More


Bethany’s Top Five Versions of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

By On December 24, 2015

We don't know if anyone still does a full twelve days of Christmas, but here are our top five versions of the song. … Read More


Top Five Things I Learned about Slavery from Reading 12 Years a Slave

By On October 15, 2015

The 2013 film 12 Years a Slave was universally praised for its portrayal of the brutality of slavery in America. The screenplay by John Ridley is based on a formerly little-known 1853… Read More


Top Five Movies in Which the Golden Gate Bridge is Destroyed

By On October 6, 2015

But why pick on the Golden Gate? I mean, who wants to go to Marin anyway? The Oakland Bay Bridge is much more important. The Golden Gate has 100,000 vehicles per day,… Read More