About E-Verse

a. Everse: v.t. L. eversus, p.p. of evertere to turn out, overthrow; e out + vertere to turn. CF. Evert. To overthrow or subvert. [Obs.] – Glanvill

b. E-Verse: n. Universe as seen by poet, essayist, and raconteur Ernest Hilbert

c. E-Verse: n. Electronic verse, a term comprehending all digital means to store and transmit poetry, or verse, in addition to traditional paper media

Ernest Hilbert created E-Verse Radio in the summer of 1999 as a free poetry resource.

Producer and sidekick Paul Fleming manages the website, cleaning up most of Ernie’s “issues.”

Poetry Editor Luke Stromberg’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New Criterion, The Hopkins Review, Think Journal, Cleaver Magazine, and elsewhere. He lives in Upper Darby, PA and works as an adjunct English instructor at Eastern University.

Top Five writer Bethany has a true gift for writing classic E-Verse top five lists. She has been a contestant on Jeopardy!

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E-Verse Radio, asking people since 1999:

“Would it kill you to read a *&#%$@& book?”